About Me

Hello and welcome to my ‘About Me’ page.

Thanks so much for coming over to find out who has created Play Learn Toyz.

Well, it’s me, Jacky, and I’m delighted to be sharing my passion for learning through play with you.


My background

I was fortunate enough to have wise parents who always ensured that my two brothers, my sister, and I had the best learning toys available as we were growing up, even when it was probably a struggle to afford them.

Many of these toys and games survive to this day. They were loved by our children and some are favorites of our grandchildren. It’s a joy to watch them play, learn and grow in the same way we did.

And, to let you into a little secret, even as adults, we still love playing with those toys alongside them. They bring back so many great memories, including the thrill of discovery and learning.

My experience

It was only while I was training to be a teacher over 30 years ago that I began to understand exactly how children learn and develop through play. I became passionate about play-learning for kids of all ages and have followed this ethos throughout my teaching career.

I’ve been blessed to have taught a broad range of students over the years. Starting out teaching preschool to Grade 5, I later specialized in special needs education, working with students from preschool up to 20 years of age.

There have been many occasions when I’ve found play to be the only way to engage with a particular child and progress their development. This has been especially true when working with youngsters with autism and other special educational needs.

There is autism in my own family so this is an area of play-learning that I have a deep interest and a great deal of experience in.

Sharing my knowledge

Compared to when I was growing up, there’s now a far greater understanding of how children learn and develop through play, and thousands of new learning toys have been specially designed and created based on this knowledge.

I love trying out new toys (okay, playing with them☺), and thinking up ways to create the very best learning experience with them. Not to mention new ways to help kids learn with the good old stalwarts of the toy world that keep on giving.

And that’s why I’ve built this website, to share everything I know about learning toys old and new to help you choose the right ones to unlock your children's potential and create a lifelong love for learning through the power of play.

What else?

In case you’re interested in what else is important in my life, here’s a quick overview.

When not working on the website, and playing with (oops, I mean investigating) new toys, you’ll either find me walking my beautiful Welsh collie Breeze or out on the water training hard with fellow crew members of my local pilot gig club. With regattas all year round, training is pretty full on.

I also love adventure travel and creating great memories with my family.

With Lady FredaAnother of my passions is pilot gig rowing
Bridport regattaRowing out to the start line at a regatta

My mission

That’s enough about me and my interests. This website is really about you and how I can help you to have special times with your own family as you create the perfect environment for your children to learn as they play.

Maybe you’re here as a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle. That’s great. You too can have a significant influence on how the next generation of your family learn, grow, and develop.

You might be surprised at just how big a role family adults other than parents can play in inspiring younger members to achieve more and reach their full potential in life.

Bring out the best in your grandchildren, nieces, and nephews by gifting them learning toys and playing alongside them when you get the chance.

Final word

Play Learn Toyz is still a young website and very much a work in progress. There is so much I want to share with you but it will take me time, so please bear with me.

Do come back often to see how I’m doing and check out new pages. You’ll find something new almost every day.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Happy playtime.

Signature & smile