The 8 Best Magnetic Blocks for Toddlers

And Their Benefits For Your Toddler

There are lots to choose from but which are the best magnetic blocks for toddlers?

best magnetic blocks for toddlersBudding architect of the future?

The Magic of Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are a captivating playtime toy that toddlers adore. They allow them to freely build and create, enabling their imagination to soar.

The magnetic attraction between the blocks makes them easy to connect, and hold the structure securely together, offering endless possibilities for construction. From towers to bridges, houses to vehicles, your toddler's creativity will know no bounds as they bring their visions to life.

I’ve covered the benefits of all types of building blocks in detail in my Best Building Blocks For Toddlers article. They apply equally to magnetic building blocks so check out the page for everything you need to know.

On that page, I also provide a guide for parents showing how you can support your toddler to get the greatest benefit from these excellent learning toys.

So, in this article, I’ll just include a few bullet points on these two topics so that we can focus on exploring the 8 best magnetic blocks for toddlers that I’ve selected for you.

4 Benefits of Magnetic Blocks for Toddlers

The #1 benefit of magnetic blocks over most other types of building blocks is, of course, that the pieces hold together so your toddler’s creation is less likely to collapse. This reduces frustration and enables them to create more imaginative designs.

Like all types of building blocks, there are important learning benefits to block play. Here is a summary.

1. Cognitive Development

  • Building with magnetic blocks promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Your toddler will learn about spatial awareness, symmetry, balance, and basic engineering principles.

2. Fine Motor Skills

  • Manipulating magnetic blocks helps develop hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and fine motor control.
  • The precise movements required to connect and disconnect the blocks improve your toddler's grasp and grip strength.

3. Creativity and Imagination

  • Magnetic blocks provide a canvas for your child's imagination to flourish.
  • They can create their own stories, scenarios, and imaginary worlds, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.

4. Social Interaction

  • Building with magnetic blocks can be a collaborative activity, encouraging sharing, turn-taking, and cooperation.
  • Playing with siblings or friends promotes social skills and the joy of shared experiences.

Click this link for a more detailed look at The Benefits of Block Play for Toddlers.

toddler building with colorful blocksSo hard to know where to start!

Types of Magnetic Blocks

We’re almost ready to look at my list of the best magnetic blocks for toddlers but first, a quick introduction to the different types of blocks you have to choose from.

1. Classic Magnetic Blocks

  • These 3D blocks come in various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and arches, providing your toddler with ample opportunities for building a range of structures.
  • Their strong magnetic connections ensure stability and minimize frustration from collapse during play.

2. Magnetic Tiles

  • These flat, tile-shaped blocks offer a different building experience.
  • Their magnetic edges allow for vertical stacking and encourage the exploration of symmetry and patterns.

3. Specialty Magnetic Blocks

  • Some magnetic block sets come with added features like wheels, windows, or doors, or their own unique block designs.
  • These types of blocks can make block play even more exciting.

The 8 Best Magnetic Blocks For Toddlers

1. Magnetic Cubes

These colorful, versatile 1.34 inch cubes are perfect for toddlers of all ages. They are super tough, have rounded edges for comfortable handling, are easy for small hands to pick up, and are too big to pose a choking risk. They also click together easily. There’s a helpful booklet of design ideas for inspiration and endless scope for free play, and counting, sorting, and pattern making fun.

2. Magna-Tiles Starter Set

If your toddler hasn’t used magnetic tiles before, this is a great set to start them off with. You can then expand on it if they really love them. Tiles offer the benefit of both 2D and 3D construction. This set of 32 translucent geometric shapes in 6 different colors includes 2 large and 14 small squares, and 16 triangles (8 equilateral, 4 right angles, 4 isosceles), plenty for beginner builders.

3. Magblock Magnetic Tiles

For older toddlers whose construction design skills are beginning to blossom, I recommend this 120 piece set of magnetic tiles. With a wide range of tile shapes, including doors, windows, and wheels, in addition to the basic squares, and triangles, your toddler can create just about anything their imagination can conjure up. The magnets are strong enough to support tall structures as well as smaller 3D models.

4. Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Blocks

Blockaroo has created one of the easiest building systems for toddlers. This set comprises 35 wonderfully varied 3D shapes for building constructions and model making. It includes cubes, cylinders, cones, domes, triangular prisms, and bends. It’s soft, chunky, and easy to grip. It’s also great for bathtime construction projects. There are 6 different sized sets available ranging from around $22 to $130 giving you loads of choice regarding budget and age suitability.

5. Coodoo Magnetic Tiles

This tough set of tiles can be used indoors or out. It’s one of the best for exploring geometry and your toddler will be thrilled to see their 2D designs fold into 3D shapes and vice versa. The tiles stick together strongly for the building of towers, buildings, bridges, and fun models. You can grow the set as your little one becomes more ambitious with their designs and needs more pieces to fulfill their architectural ambitions.

6. Magnetic Building Sticks

For something a bit different, try these magnetic building sticks. The large sticks and balls are ideal for younger toddlers beginning to develop their manipulative and coordination skills. The 46 piece set includes 12 metal balls, 12 long bars, 22 short bars, and an ideas book. They promise hours of engagement as your toddler explores the many 2D and 3D designs possible with this fun kit.

7. Play Brainy Magnetic Blocks

If your toddler is into cars, trucks, and trains, they will be over the moon with this 52-piece transparent block set. They can get ultra-creative with the intriguing array of 3D shapes and wheels, building everything from vehicles to animals and monsters. There are also plenty of fun designs to copy in the booklet.

8. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

We’re returning to tradition for the last in my list of the best magnetic block for toddlers. This quality wooden toy doesn’t come cheap but it will be loved for generations. There are many different sets available to choose from. This one has 24 pieces of strongly magnetic wooden blocks perfect for imaginative play. It comprises blocks of six shapes – 4 medium columns, 4 short planks, 6 long planks, 4 mega planks, 4 cubes, and 2 parallelograms. They feel lovely to handle and give a satisfying click-clack sound as they come together.

See the full range of Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Guide For Parents – 3 Top Tips

Having chosen which of these sets of the best magnetic blocks for toddlers you feel are the perfect fit for your little one, I know you’ll want to support them to get the most out of their new toy. Here are a few quick ideas on how to do that:

1. Engage and Play Together

  • Join your toddler during playtime, actively participating and offering guidance.
  • Encourage them to explore new ideas, ask them questions, and discuss their creations.

2. Introduce Math Concepts

  • Count blocks together, sort them by colors or shapes, and explore simple patterns such as, red, yellow, red, yellow.
  • Talk about concepts like size, weight, balance, and cause and effect as you engage with the blocks.

3. Problem-Solving Challenges

  • Present your toddler with challenges or puzzles to solve using magnetic blocks.
  • Encourage them to think critically and find creative solutions, building resilience and perseverance.

For my more extensive Guide For Parents on my best building blocks for toddlers page, follow the link.

Final Words

I hope my review of the 8 best magnetic blocks for toddlers has inspired you to investigate this type of learning toy further. Magnetic blocks have so many benefits to offer for your toddler’s development as well as being fun and exciting to play with.

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