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Are you ready to join me in discovering the wonders of soft books and watch as your baby's world expands with each turn of the page? I hope so because I have some wonderful books to share with your that I think you’ll love as much as your little one does.

Best soft books for babiesThe best soft books are packed with interactive fun

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The Magic of Soft Books – Understanding Their Developmental Impact

Choosing the Best Soft Books For Babies – What to Look For

Top 15 Best Soft Books for Babies


The Magic of Soft Books
Understanding Their Developmental Impact

The first year of a baby's life is a period of rapid growth and development. Babies are like sponges, absorbing information from their surroundings and every object they come into contact with. Their brains are making countless connections, and the experiences they have during this time play a vital role in shaping their future capabilities.

Here are the 3 most important benefits of soft books for your baby:

1. Cognitive Growth

Soft books provide a multisensory experience and are gateways to sensory adventures that your baby will adore. As your little one explores the fun textures, colors, and shapes within these books, their brain is working to process the information, fostering cognitive development.

2. Sensory Stimulation

Soft books are designed with different textures that stimulate your baby's sense of touch. From smooth fabrics to rough materials, and shiny surfaces to crinkly materials, each page offers a tactile experience that encourages exploration and teaches them about the world around them.

3. Language Development

Soft books often feature simple, engaging narratives that expose your baby to new words and concepts. Even though they might not understand every word, they're building the foundation for language development.

Understanding these benefits should help you to select the very best soft books for your baby from the hundreds that are available.

As your little one begins to gain control of their fingers and hands, soft books are also perfect for developing their fine motor skill as they learn to lift flaps and turn pages.

Just before I reveal my list of the 15 best soft books for babies, let me share three things for you to consider when making your choices.

Baby reading soft bookSoft books are a feast for your baby's senses

Choosing the Best Soft Books For Babies
What to Look For

Safety First – When selecting soft books for your baby, safety is paramount. Look for books made from tough non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials that can withstand chewing and tugging. Some soft books have chewable teething corners which may be a feature you want to look out for. Also, check if a book is washable as it’s sure to get grubby quickly, especially if it’s being chewed.

Engaging Designs – Babies are drawn to bright colors and high contrast patterns. Opt for soft books with vibrant hues and visually stimulating designs that capture your baby's attention and help train their vision. Books in high contrast black and white are highly recommended, especially for newborns whose color perception is very limited.

Interactive Features – The best soft books for babies offer interactive elements like flaps to lift, textures to touch, and even gentle sounds. These features enhance your baby's engagement, foster a sense of wonder, as well as keeping them entertained. Peek a boo soft books are ideal for this.

The Top 15 Best Soft Books for Babies

1. Peek-a-Boo Forest Soft Book

Introduce your baby to the enchanting world of Peek-a-Boo Forest! This soft book takes your baby on a journey through the forest, where they'll discover adorable illustrations of woodland creatures. The soft fabrics and crinkly pages provide a tactile wonderland, inviting your little one to explore and engage their senses. Watch them react to the delightful peek-a-boo surprises.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Book

Step into the beloved world of the Very Hungry Caterpillar with this soft book version of Eric Carle’s classic tale adored by little one’s around the world. Vibrant colors, tactile textures, interactive elements, and the iconic caterpillar will quickly capture your baby’s imagination. Share the magic of this timeless story with your baby through touch and exploration. The teething corner and ring will save the book for another day if your little one succumbs to the nibbles as well.

3. The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!

Excitement abounds in this interactive peek-a-boo soft book. Lift the flaps and uncover playful surprises, stimulating your baby's curiosity and creating joyful moments of discovery. Delight in your baby's giggles as they discover hidden treasures, fostering curiosity and engagement. The book includes simple text for you to read aloud to your baby as you draw them into the story.

4. Who Do You See? Fish Baby Book

Dive into an aquatic adventure with this wonderful book full of fun 3D sea creatures. Engaging illustrations and textures introduce your baby to underwater wonders. The rhythmic text adds a playful touch, making learning about fishy friends an exciting journey. The bright colors and engaging characters will captivate your baby's attention whilst introducing them to the undersea world.

5. Jungle Tails

This is a delightful cloth book with crinkly pages and a squeaker for audio stimulation. Best of all are the adorable tails of the jungle animals poking out of the page inviting your toddler to explore their shapes and textures. There is also a Farm Tails version and a Rainforest Tails version which are equally colorful and engaging.

6. Baby Bath Books – 8 Pack

Transform bath time into a learning extravaganza with this set of 8 baby bath books. These waterproof books offer a variety of themes that entertain, educate, and keep your baby engaged while splashing and exploring. The themes they cover are the alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals, fruit, the sea world, transportation, and musical instruments. I wonder which will be your little one’s favorite.

7. Melissa & Doug Peekaboo Book

This is a charming peek-a-boo book full of animal friends who love to cover their eyes and pop out to surprise your baby. There’s a new surprise on each page and your little one will be eager to learn how to lift the flaps themselves to discover who’s hiding underneath. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and engaging.

8. beiens High Contrast Soft Book

Designed to captivate young minds, this high-contrast book features bold patterns and vivid colors that support visual development and stimulate your baby's senses. They’ll also love the crinkle paper and bibi sounder hidden in the pages to provide further fun and sensory stimulation.

9. Baby Einstein Curious Explorers Teether Book

Combine comfort and exploration with the Baby Einstein Curious Explorers Teether Book. Tactile textures and crinkly pages engage your baby's senses while the teether component soothes their gums. It's a versatile companion for both sensory and oral development. It has a handle that’s easy for little hands to grasp so your little one can carry their book along with them.

10. teytoy My First Soft Book – 6 Pack

This is an excellent set to introduce the youngest of babies to the world of books. These engaging high contrast, black and white soft books will help stimulate the development of your little one’s retinas and optic nerves as well as provide hours of fun sensory exploration. Each book has a different theme including the alphabet, shapes, animals, bugs, fruit, and vehicles.

11. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids My First Activity Book

I generally recommend this fabulous soft book for toddlers but it’s too good not to introduce to your little one while they’re still a baby. It’s packed with exciting tactile treats for them to discover and explore including buttoning, buckling, peek-a-boo fun, counting, matching, and telling the time as well as a removable hand puppet, two finger puppets, a clock with movable hands, a shoe with self-stick tab buckles, and a crinkling surprise. Whilst your baby won’t be able to manipulate every element right away, they will adore this book and gain a huge amount from it.

12. Sloth, Hurry Up! Taggies Touch & Feel Book

A lovely bedtime book with a gentle story about popular Molasses Sloth to calm your baby as they prepare for sleep, although they’ll enjoy it just as much at any other time of the day. Textures, patterned ribbon tags, the surprise of crinkle pages, and a squeaker create a multisensory experience to engage them and encourage exploration.

13. Sassy Peek-a-Boo Activity Book

Here’s another high contrast soft book for you to consider. Inside, engaging textures, playful flaps, and hidden peek-a-book surprises will stimulate your baby's senses and curiosity. Each turn of the page invites interaction and learning, creating fun moments of exploration. It’s small enough for little hands to handle and it can be clipped to your little one’s crib or stroller so it never gets left behind.

14. VTech Baby Peek and Play

Elevate playtime with this interactive VTech Baby Peek and Play soft book. Lively colors, textures, and interactive features make each page a world of fun and learning. The pages have fabric flaps that lift up for peek-a-boo fun, whilst three fabric buttons introduce friendly characters, animals, colors, and objects, and play songs. The book has a simple text that will foster your baby’s language development.

15. Peter Rabbit Soft Book

Introduce your baby to the timeless charm of Beatrix Potter’s best-loved character with this Peter Rabbit soft book. Interactive features bring Peter Rabbit's adventures to life, creating a tactile journey of discovery. Engage your baby's senses and imagination with this beloved story as you read the simple text while they explore each page. The book doubles as a teething toy with a teether corner and can be clipped onto your little one’s crib or stroller for story time on the go.

Final Words

As we come to the end of our exploration of the world of soft books, I hope you are excited about the boundless potential they offer your baby and the precious times of exploration, fun, and laughter you will share with your little one at storytime.

There are so many wonderful soft books for you to discover together and I hope my review of the 15 best soft books for babies helps get off to a great start.


1. Are soft books safe for teething babies?

Absolutely! Soft books are designed to be safe for exploration, even during teething. The textures provide comfort and relief.

2. How do I clean soft books?

Most soft books are machine washable. Check the care instructions on the label for specific guidelines.

3. When is the best time to introduce soft books to my baby?

You can start introducing soft books as early as a few months old. As your baby's motor skills develop, their interaction with the books will evolve.

4. Can soft books replace traditional storybooks as my baby grows? 

While soft books are excellent for sensory engagement, traditional storybooks play a crucial role in language development as your baby grows.

5. What are some creative ways to engage with my baby using soft books?

Create voices for the characters, talk about the images, and make the story interactive by encouraging your baby to touch different parts of the book.

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